Mr. J. Bradley Hilton

Mr. J. Bradley Hilton

Next Gen, CEO / Founder Hilton Business Ventures, Hilton Vero Luxury Concepts, Hilton Global Gateway

Bradley spent his early years living in and roaming the halls and grounds of the Shamrock Hilton in Houston, Texas. Living in a luxury hotel formed many of Brad’s earliest memories. The Shamrock, where he lived until he was five years old, was known as “The Waldorf Astoria of Texas” and was undeniably grand. Its swimming pool was the world's largest, could accommodate a speed boat pulling water skiers and boasted a 10-meter-high diving platform. It wasn’t until Brad became a young adult that he began to realize just how unique and special his youthful life was while calling the Shamrock “home.”


Brad’s father, uncle and grandfather were all pioneers in the hospitality industry. Brad’s first job at the age of 17 was administering the central reservation system for Hilton Hotels. As he continued in his career, he became a Director of Technology for Hilton. In this new role, he began to understand the legacy of his family and grandfather’s immense influence in this industry. Conrad Hilton was a visionary who often introduced new technologies in the guest room before they were commonplace in people’s homes. Color TVs, push-button phones and guest room air conditioning were a few examples of how he was an influential early adopter and proponent of technological innovation. Brad is passionate about continuing his family’s legacy of bringing innovation to the hospitality industry, particularly in delivering unique, health-enhancing and memorable experiences for the guests.


Brad continued to develop his creative skills over his 15 years with Hilton Hotels, responsible for designing and implementing multiple advanced systems, including one that helped the company increase revenues from $700M to $1.2B in one year. Brad built those systems in partnership with George Roundy, an IT consultant hired by Hilton Hotels. The two developed a strong working relationship and friendship, and in 2000, Brad and George launched their first company, eCorridor, an IT Consulting company providing services to the Hospitality industry. After running a successful IT Consulting business, the two formed a partnership with Arlene Pfeiff, a past executive with American Express, to build companies operating in the financial services and venture capital industries. The three leaders came together in 2020 to form and launch Hilton Business Ventures to create the next generation of Hilton Family legacy companies.


With a vision and passion for prolonging the Hilton legacy, Hilton Business Ventures focused on bringing innovation and creativity to the Hospitality industry through forming partnerships and joint ventures with industry leaders. Beginning with a partnership with Hospitality Environments and founders Walter Viveirosand Fraser Dods, Hilton Business Ventures developed its mission to “Redefine the Hospitality Industry through Innovation, Luxury, Safety and Transforming the Guest Experience.”


This mission solidified with a 3-way joint venture between Hilton Business Ventures, Hospitality Environments and Mohawk River Valley, a 9-year Design & Outfitting Firm specializing in luxury hotels and resorts. The three companies formed Hilton Vero Luxury Concepts and have established a partnership and vendor relationship with UMusic Hotels to design and furnish the interiors.