Mr. Diogo G. Ferreira

Mr. Diogo G. Ferreira

Founding Member, Atlanticorp Fund

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Diogo studied Business Administration and later took a Top-Executive Management degree at Kellogg School in Chicago. From early age he was involved in several different business, from the largest Portuguese TV producer, to the youngest National TV Program Director (Channel 4) and later the CEO of Cristiano Ronaldo´s Portuguese club, Sporting Lisbon, where he was responsible for the first European Stadia Project finance, based on a large real estate project in the center of Lisbon with more than 200 000 sqm.

Later he was involved in two larger companies as International Director of the Dutch company Multi Development Co (an European leading Shopping Mall developer) and CEO and partner of Vale do Lobo Resort (one of the iconic Portuguese beach resorts in Portugal, with more than 2 000 houses and two golf courses.)

Diogo was the Founder and Chaired the Portuguese Association of Resorts, which was responsible for the creation of the Portuguese Golden Visa.

In 2022 together with some other two famous Portuguese entrepreneurs, Luiz G. Lopes and Pedro M.Leal, help the launch of the Atlanticorp, one of the most ambitious Real Estate/Venture Capital Funds with the goal to attract individuals seeking for the Portuguese Golden Visa or to attract larger investors aiming real estate diversification in a new fashionable European country.