Mr. James Diorio

Mr. James Diorio

CEO, Tradecraft Capital

James is chief executive officer and a principal of TRADECRAFT Capital. He is an executive, serial entrepreneur and advisor with experience creating and growing successful businesses throughout his career. His foundation as an engineer and broad entrepreneurial background is combined with experience in startups, large corporations, national consultancies and international ventures to yield significant depth in all aspects of operational growth. This experience, augmented with a passion for training and empowering people to be their best, allows James to approach business from a well-rounded perspective and consistently produce exceptional results.

It was in 2018 that James took a deep dive into the blockchain space, spending a full year attending conferences and events worldwide to get a broad persepecive studying markets full time. Realizing the potential and challenges, James became an early investor in TRADECRAFT Capital, then an advisor where he helped Jake refine the Age of Autonomy thesis, and ultimately was invited to take the executive reigns.

Prior to joining TRADECRAFT Capital James' most recent exit was a SaaS turnaround in which he assumed the role of CEO and led the company to achieve 7 consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America culminating in strategic acquisition. Immediately after this exit, he played a strategic role in restructuring a national MSP, positioning it for sale, and leading the efforts which resulted in successful acquisition in 2018.

James advises multiple blockchain startups, is a mentor at Expert Dojo, and was Co-Founder of the Autonomy2040 conference where he was a moderator, contributor, and event facilitator. A technologist at heart, James holds a degree in computer science from University of California, Santa Barbara.


TRADECRAFT Capital is a macro/thesis-driven crypto fund that invests directly in liquid crypto assets. Its purpose is to deliver asymmetric returns. The Fund’s investment thesis is that a new long-wave economic cycle has begun – the Age of Autonomy™. It does this by following a more conservative approach to the markets via traditional, proven portfolio construction techniques, aggresive risk management, and a thoughtful data-driven approach. Investment themes drive superior asset selection, systems achieve superior portfolio construction and proprietary software informs and guides the event-driven investment plan.

Our thesis is based on over 100 years of economic theory and explores the role crypto assets play in the next long-wave economic cycle. Founded by Jake Ryan, the Fund's CIO and author of the Wiley published book, Crypto Asset Investing in the Age of Autonomy.

With a focus on education, we encourage our partners to have an understanding of how these new financial instruments fit into the world, and why we believe they will continue to do so for decades to come. The Fund focuses on liquid asses as this allows us to generate venture-style returns, providing the benefit of a more liquid investment vehicle than tranditional venture funds while, simultaneously, allowing access to nascent and otherwise illiquid markets. The Fund continues to post significant gains that consistently exceed expectations.