Mr. Kevin Bidner

Mr. Kevin Bidner

President & CEO, HCN, The Hotel Communication Network

Kevin Bidner is a serial entrepreneur with major achievements in the technology industry. As a key strategist and partner in 20-20 Technologies for 16 years, his leadership helped grow 20-20 Technologies from the thirty-five person company he joined to its present (seven hundred + staff) world-leadership position, with a 95% market share in the interior design industries, including Kitchen, Residential and Commercial design. 2020 Technologies sold for in excess of $400M in 2017.

Bidner joined HCN as CEO in 2008 as a founding partner, pioneering the concept from its pilot projects in Toronto. Placing HCN custom-configured tablets in hotel guest rooms builds great value in the travel industry. Value for travelers, 85% active usage, who use the HCN network in the room to make their travel experience easier and more rewarding; value for the vendors and suppliers using the network to better communicate with and serve the traveling public and; of course, value for the hotelier, HCN’s primary customer, using the tablet to improve communication and service to their guest.

Kevin’s industry-shaping vision and strategy is responsible for the current multi-monetization model that has put HCN far ahead of its competitors. His determination and unflagging enthusiasm have inspired and sustained his team, leading to the major success in Chicago and San Francisco that HCN now enjoys.

Leadership by example is one of Kevin’s core values. A hands-on manager who believes what can be done, should be done by him first. In response to the dynamic market demand, he is continually reassessing, re-evaluating and adjusting the company’s vision and strategy.

Working closely with the Executive team, Richard Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer and Gregg Hopkins, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, to meet the challenges of growth and expansion and to achieve its full global potential, HCN has the strong leader it needs to achieve its goals.