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Clara Kaluderovic

Co-Founder, SlimGenetix; 3rd generation of SONIC Drive-In

Clara Kaluderovic, the co-founder of SlimGenetix, spearheads a groundbreaking weight care management platform that integrates genetics, advanced AI, and personalized health solutions. Her journey in Economics and Political Science at the University of Houston set the stage for roles in the US Senate and a presidential campaign. In 2015, Clara ventured to Nigeria, where she managed operations for Orlean Invest, West Africa’s leading oil and gas logistics provider. 

A serial entrepreneur, Clara co-founded and successfully exited two innovative technology startups: Phenced, a cloud-based solution that turns smartphones into court-admissible capture systems, utilized by the ICJ and the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice for documenting war crimes; and Syrbal, a developer of secure chip technology. Currently, Clara’s passion lies in advising and growing companies that leverage next-gen technology to create lasting social impact.