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Dr. Kelly Mohs Gage

Carlson FO and Foundation; Director of Advancement, Nomi Network

Dr. Kelly Gage, is a next generation of a family office that owned various assets from TGI Fridays to Radisson Hotels; a social activist and philanthropist.

Dr. Kelly Mohs Gage is a next generation philanthropist with over 20 years of experience with academic institutions, foundations and NGOs dealing with human trafficking, public media, arts and culture, gender equity, and workforce and community development. As a founding board member of the Carlson Family Foundation, Kelly engaged in the start-up phase of formalizing by-laws, grant application and grant review processes for the family foundation. She is blessed to pass on her social justice crusade to her children. Kelly has spoken at over two dozen conferences and venues around the world. After decades of board and advocacy work against human trafficking, Kelly left her tenured Assistant Professor position to join the development team at Nomi Network, an anti-trafficking organization with program sites in India, Cambodia and Dallas.