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Josh Roach

Managing Director, Meritage Group LP

Josh Roach is a trusted peer and long-time member of the SFO (single-family-office) community where, over the last fifteen years, he has created significant social capital through his efforts to build like-minded networks and collaborative models to: (a) merge common interests and objectives, (b) pool and leverage specialized industry knowledge and skill sets, and (c) optimize alignment between asset owners in co-investment vehicles. He is Managing Director of Meritage Group, a private investment firm and investment family office for the Simons family and principals of Renaissance Technologies. Meritage Group is a fundamentally oriented investment firm investing across all asset classes, including control stakes in direct private operating platforms.

Prior to Meritage Group, Josh was co-manager and family principal of LCP (Lloyd Capital Partners LLC), an investment company vehicle for the Henry Demarest Lloyd Family, whose wealth creation originated from its shared ownership in The Chicago Tribune starting in 1873 through to its public listing on the NYSE in 1983.

Josh is a frequent speaker on the topics of collaborative networks and co-investing at trusted SFO forums and has chaired events such as Campden Wealth’s North American Family Investment Conference, Institutional Investor’s Family Office Wealth Forum, and Stanford University’s Global Projects Center’s Stanford Investor Forum.

Prior to joining the SFO community, Josh spent ten years in the software industry in corporate development roles where he worked with the various company’s venture partners on strategic initiatives, acquisitions, and exits.

Josh graduated from the University of Vermont in 1993. Prior to that he was a nationally ranked alpine ski racer and attended Killington Mountain School and graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall.


The Meritage strategy was established by Jim Simons and Nat Simons in 1997 to manage excess capital generated by Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion Fund. Meritage Group currently manages in excess of $10B (as of January 1, 2023), primarily from the Simons family and from current and former principals and employees of Renaissance and Meritage and their respective families. Meritage Group is a core of holding of its primary investors with a focus and philosophy on wealth preservation. Meritage executes a fundamentally oriented, evergreen investment strategy, designed to generate low double-digit returns with a fraction of the market exposure, resulting in a lower volatility portfolio. Meritage has a long history of generating alpha for its investors. The portfolio is a diversified holding of assets consisting of private direct equity control operating platforms, real estate assets, public equity, private credit, and opportunistic and specialized investment ideas. Meritage has approximately 50 employees (25 investment analysts and 25 staff) in offices located in Greenwich, CT, San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY.