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Matt Shields

President, The Shields Group; Co-Founder, Emergent Energy

Matt’s passion lies in spearheading the energy transition within the CRE market. He has developed a keen eye for innovative technologies and renewable energy solutions that properly incentivize adoption and implementation for all stakeholders – owners, tenants, customers, etc. His work involves integrating sustainable energy systems, like onsite power generation, and ensuring buildings meet high standards of energy efficiency.

The Shields Group believes humanity has many of the tools necessary to stop the worse effects of climate change from taking hold. As a result, they focus on execution- and implementation-ready businesses and technologies that have strong CRE applications, ranging from “simple” LEED certification retrofits to the developing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure industry. This approach highlights their commitment to sustainable solutions and their role in driving the CRE industry towards a more eco-friendly and technologically advanced future.

Matt’s experienced is enriched by his tenure at Mark Cuban Companies, where he evaluated VC/Angel investment opportunities from a buy-side financial perspective, gaining insight into the nexus between entrepreneurship and financial performance. This experience was complemented by his role at Deloitte Consulting, where he provided strategy and financial consulting to Fortune 500 companies. At Deloitte, Matt honed his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive innovation.