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Thursday, April 3rd, 2025

The Four Seasons Hotel, Houston

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"We were impressed by the conference we sponsored and we received good interest and potential sponsorship of our forward efforts. We like the in person venue and the way you and Denny make these events happen. We are interested in sponsoring more conferences, certainly Chicago and Miami, perhaps others."

Sponsor, Jonathan P. Northrup Co-Founder & CEO, Stingray Therapeutics

"I think the conferences turned out fantastic, and you guys did a wonderful job – I am always very impressed by the caliber, integrity, and general quality of individuals in the DC Finance community."

Speaker, Nicholaus Rohleder, Co-Founder, Climate Commodities

“Linda, Denny, and DC Finance have consistenly excelled over the years! This dynamic team comprises diverse professionals from various cultures, fostering invaluable cross-disciplinary learning. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, or part of the social sector, the collaborative environment facilitates sharing experiences. The conferences feature informative panels, excellent moderators, and engaging speakers and audiences. Undoubtedly one of the premier global family offices, I wholeheartedly recommend attending their conferences worldwide.”

Speaker, Ankita Narula, Akshaya Patra Foundation

“It was a pleasure to be involved in such a professional organization. Let´s hope to work together again soon.”

Sponsor, Diogo G.Ferreira, Atlanticorp, Venture Capital Fund

“With the DC Finance events, Province Brands of Canada has been able to meet incredibly high quality investors. We actually met our largest institutional investor through one of the events! We have never had such a positive experience as we have had at DC Finance.”

Sponsor, Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada

“The Houston conference really turned out well, and as a result RockStep Capital developed multiple quality fundraising opportunities from both individual investors and strong family offices. Everyone appreciated the overflow crowd, the high level content and running on time. Well done!”

Sponsor, Andy Weiner, RockStep Capital

” I very much enjoyed attending your Houston event yesterday and getting to meet you. I really enjoyed the event and meeting all of the interesting people that were there. Thank you for honoring my family by asking my father to speak. Please let me know of any other Houston or Dallas events in the future.”

Speaker, Denton McLane, Mclane Group

“I was so impressed with the Houston conference. I met lovely people and got some actionable ideas. I’m sorry to have missed the Block Chain event in New York; I heard it was incredibly interesting.”

Attendee, Courtney Clark, Aspen Peak Advisors Inc.

“Thank you for your email Linda. I enjoyed meeting you very much and look forward to seeing you again in the future.The conference in Houston and NY were excellent!”

Sponsor, Kelly Klein, Singulariteam

“We really enjoyed the family conference event. It was interesting and a lot of fun as well. We will look forward to hearing more from you about the October event.”

Keynote Speaker, Drayton McLane Jr., Mclane Group

“Linda — Many thanks to you for all your efforts. It would not have been nearly as smooth as it was, were it not for all of the touches you put on the event. Looking forward to working with you more in the future.”

Moderator, Jerry W. Guillott CPA, BDO

“Mazel tov on excellent event last week. Honestly, I came as a skeptic (as you know, I have a few degrees from MIT, and find most tech events in HF space sorely lacking) but I even came for both days (which I honestly hadn’t intended, as my commute is 2.5 hours each way). Congrats again. What’s the phrase: may you go from strength to strength?”

Attendee, Family Office member

“Thank you for having me and thank you for the kind words! I have really enjoyed participating in the Abu Dhabi, Houston, and Dallas conferences this year. Hope to see you soon!”

Speaker, Nicholaus Rohleder, Climate Commodities

“We ended up being much more successful in fundraising at the event than I would have expected. We raised nearly $200,000 from folks we met at your event that day. There are others who have wanted to invest more than $1,000,000 but we had to turn them away because we were not raising that much. So it was a big success for us…… Given our success, we would absolutely love to get more involved in future DC finance events and sponsor future events and get involved in your organization”

Sponsor, Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada

“I really enjoyed the entire experience. There were great panelists and very high quality families as well. I’d be happy to speak at other conferences.”

Speaker, Jaynie Schultz, Family Member

“Great conference. I am glad to see that Texas is getting the recognition it deserves with a conference here in Dallas. I am already in contact with a number of the of investment vehicles who attended the DCF Conference. Please be sure to send me an invitation to next years event.”

Attendee, Ralph Hunkins, Real Revenue Ventures

“I wish to thank you for your assistance leading up to the April 5 meeting, which was particularly well run. I was particularly pleased that the audience was limited primarily to investors and presenting companies, and that service providers and people seeking employment were largely excluded. The presentation formats were appropriate and effective. Our company presentation went well, and we have a few leads for potential investors to follow up. All in all, the meeting was successful.”

Sponsor, Richard Russo, Endomedix Inc.

“Thank you so much for hosting the event in Dallas and want you to know that the feedback from others has been very positive. You certainly had a good group represented from the Dallas area”

Attendee, Mike Lawshe, Bezanilla Family Office

“Wanted to say thank you for the conference yesterday. Our team found it to be a wonderful experience with many intelligent individuals and groups. We look forward to participating in future DC conferences”

Sponsor, Matt Gropp, Blue Hall Capital

“I really enjoyed your event and speaking at it. I enjoyed the Schultzes and their final presentation of the day – impressive people. Anyway, nice to meet you all and play a part. Well done on a good event”

Speaker, George Seay, Annandale Capital

“There is real magic in what you are doing and I think there is a lot more you can do”

Dinner Sponsor, David Folk, NEXT

“The conference was incredible: stellar presenters, fascinating discussions and a first-class facility with amazing food and beverages. I could tell a tremendous amount of planning went into pulling off such a well-organized and facilitated event. Bravo and congratulations! Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for our family office. Best regards”

Attendee, Michael Shanabrook, Family Office Chief of Staff

” I just wanted to again thank you for the wonderful support there in the back office – the meetings were very successful, and well organized.”

Lead Sponsor, Gaby Meron, Hygieacare

“Keep it up. You guys are great. Perfect event.”

Attendee, Eric Saucedo, Tricap Partners

“Partnering with DCF both in Miami and most recently in NYC has been an unbelievable experience. Your team was incredibly accommodating and the introductions that were made were priceless. It is so refreshing to attend an event that is not only riveting in topics but entertaining and so well organized”

Sponsor, Leena Guverich, GHURKA

“I thought this was a very good quality meeting both on the panel discussions and the companies that presented and certainly lot more serious meeting than some of the others for family offices that I attended that we full of vendors “pestering” both the companies and the investors. I would have liked to have seen a life sciences panel discussion so perhaps a suguestion for the next time. I am always in Miami for Art Basel so would be fun to get involved in that meeting.”

Attendee, Nada Jain , Golden Seeds Angels